About the Art

We print on Paper, Canvas, Metal, and Acrylic. Some details of these print types are shown below.

Metal : Print Surface


Our metal prints are made with premium grade chromalux aluminum and finished with a glossy protective coating and gently rounded edges.

Metal : Float Mount


Metal prints have Float Mount Hangers attached to the back of the print, floating the print 1/2" off the wall. The style varies based on the size of the print ordered.

Metal: Inset Frame


Larger metal prints may have a more robust 3/4" Inset Frame on the back, recessed from the edges of the print, that gives the art the appearance that it is floating away from the wall when displayed.

Canvas: Mirrored Edge Gallery Wrap


The canvas is stretched around a 1.5" wood frame with the edge of the image mirrored to seamlessly wrap around the side of the frame.

Canvas: Wire Hanger


A wire is included attached on the back of 1.5" wood frame to easily display the canvas on the wall.

Acrylic: Print Layers


Museum grade archival prints are mounted to a reinforced dibond backing and covered with a protective 1/4" anti-glare acrylic resign.

Acrylic: Finished Product


An example of a print finished with 1/4" anti-glare acrylic resign and dibond backing.

Acrylic: Inset Frame Mounting


A 3/4" Inset Frames provide a robust backing recessed from the edges of the print and gives the appearance that the art is floating off the wall when displayed.